Dr. Daniel Souza

Dr. Daniel Ramos is specialist and have Master Degree in Orthodontics since 2002
(PUCRS Brazil). Dividing his time between academic life and his private clinic in Brazil,
Dr. Ramos always kept up to date on the various techniques, innovations and
technologies that arose in orthodontics. With a focused approach to providing a better
experience to his patients, Dr. Ramos has gradually increased the use of aligners in his
office. Besides the private practice Dr. Ramos also is a Guest Faculty at iHDS HoustonUSA and UCAM (Spain). He is speaker and KOL for Invisalign, DSD and Propel and
provided international lectures in several countries such as USA, Mexico, Portugal and
Spain about digital orthodontics with Aligners. From 2018 to 2021 Dr. Ramos worked
as the orthodontist at Well Clinic (Coachman family private practice – DSD founders),
one of the most important interdisciplinary dental clinics in the world, where the
concept of digital smile design (DSD) was created. Since the end of 2019 Dr. Ramos is
the DSD Planning Center (Madrid-Spain) Orthodontics Clinical Manager where he
provide DSD and Invisalign Treatment Planning Service for doctors all over the world,
with more than 1.000 cases planned during this period